• 2/23/15

    Cool Dads


    Rob wants to know what Joe is doing for his girlfriend’s birthday aside from dedicating the show to her. Joe faces a common problem as the parent of teenage sons. A heated pre-show argument gets analyzed. Joe fights for a headlining spot at the expense of Rob. Robby gets quizzed about his new circle of friends. Rob and Joe announce an exciting new entertainment venture. Rob receives a surprising message from someone closely connected to a show guest featured on “Best of”. Rob discusses some weird things he’s seen audience members wear recently at comedy shows. Joe gets confrontational with a policeman, but backs down when the officer finds his weak spot. Gramps has some trouble with a television show. The Maryland Music Awards finally aired and although some people thought Joe was cut from the show, he wasn’t quite. One prediction made about the SNL 40th special was on the money.

    Aired Live Monday, February 23 at 7:30PM

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