• 1/26/15

    Core Workout


    Rob’s girlfriend surprises him with a gift meant to improve his life. Robby and Rob’s girlfriends both have thoughts on the discussion last week about selling one’s beloved pet. Doing the show with a live audience and a new spin-off concept are both proposed. Rob and Joe aren’t accustomed to having so many fans and may need to adjust their dealings with them at live appearances. Rob and Joe share both good and bad memories of being trapped indoors by snow. Joe offers more advice to Chris Restivo and a new bit is proposed based on his apparent extreme lack of movie knowledge. A friend of Joe’s is asked a troubling question by his fiancé. The emails from Rob and Joe’s perpetual tormenter are again coming more frequently. Rob takes responsibility when a comedy show that he books takes a bad turn.

    Aired Live Monday, January 26 at 7:30PM

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