OMC #109 – MORE Presents

In The Mike O'Meara Show by Matt Bluhm

Marcus and Steve tackle the week on MORE Broadcasting. OMC is making some changes and looking for your help. Gary Stein presents “What Was She Thinking? – Ethel Merman” on The Tony Perkins Show. Cake & Cookies are in the holiday spirit and may make you rethink the best Xmas song ever. Mike O’Meara doesn’t feel better yet, doesn’t get invited to the neighbors party, and has a major issue with a Vermont company. Rob Maher does his stand-up for a holiday party and is pushed aside. Rob & Joe Show have their sound issues, but Robb Spewak had his day this week. This and much more on this week’s show. Find out how you can be part of the show in 2015. Please leave a comment and rating on ITunes because it helps the show. Thanks for listening.