• 12/1/14

    In Lieu of Flowers, Send Bourbon


    Rob and Joe disagree about whether or not their Thanksgiving celebrations should have been combined at Gramp’s house. The club’s management was not happy about the heavily-promoted guest performer at the Thanksgiving Eve show. Joe anticipates both the tension and joy that will result in the inevitable death of his landlord’s cat. Recent birthdays and the holidays prompt an in-depth discussion about what should be considered a fitting gift. When Rob’s car predictably breaks down, he takes an interesting trip with the tow truck driver. Joe and Robby try to guess with what 80’s sitcom star Rob will perform. Rob makes fun of one new gig Joe has secured, and tries to strip him of another. An article claiming a new grooming trend for young women is simultaneously enticing and repulsive to Joe.

    Aired Live Monday, December 1st at 7:30PM

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