• 11/17/14

    Where There’s Smoke…


    Joe and Charles Manson apparently have a lot in common. Allegations against Bill Cosby lead to a deep conversation about celebrity controversies. Rob and Joe scoff at Jerry Seinfeld’s odd personal confession from a recent interview. Joe must appear on Baltimore morning radio to defend the show once again. Anticipation grows for one performer’s potential guest set at the big Thanksgiving Eve show. An eventful evening at Cacao Lane includes an in-person meeting with last week’s show guest. Joe demonstrates his ability to predict if a movie will be good or not. An interview with two celebrity teenagers is deservedly the subject of ridicule. An Australian television host’s on-air protest is deemed unimpressive. Joe is forced to address his poor living conditions when his landlord refuses to take action himself.

    Aired Live Monday, November 17th at 7:30PM

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