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    Just Everything

    September 29, 2014

    Rob compares being a Redskins’ fan to being stuck in a bad marriage. A family trip gets in the way of Joe’s full enjoyment of the MLB playoffs. Rob doesn’t like how some others on the MORE network are spinning his comments. Media-savvy Rob gets himself featured in an...

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    Episode #11 – Dancing With Tom Bergeron

    September 29, 2014

    On this show, we get to know Rob Ford Jr. a little better; also, an important update on Gary’s deodorant situation; plus, our Emmy Award winning special guest, Tom Bergeron, host of ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars” and “America’s Funniest Home Videos”! Tom gives the hysterical inside scoop on...

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    OMC #100 – Scratch & Dent

    September 28, 2014

    You get what you pay for this episode. Marcus does his best to frame Rob & Joe Show as Joe tells a non-PC joke and may have a short stay in his new home. Mickey Cucchiella makes an appearance on The Mike O’Meara Show and asks Robert Andrew 20...

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    Bonus Show #199: September 26, 2014

    September 26, 2014

    Welcome to the Church Of Comedy! Today we discus our fattest moments, DMV woes and of course… la paloma.  

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    #1143: French Medication

    September 25, 2014

    Zsa Zsa’s zingers! Plus, Mickey in studio… Oscar in Bel Air… food rationing… and the pride of the Irish. Today’s show is brought to you by our good friends at Oncor. Check them out today!

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    #30: Pipe Down

    September 24, 2014

    Does length count?  We hope so, because here is a Super-sized C&C for your audio pleasure. Enjoy “Spouses Galore!” as Dan and Cary stop by (Julia has a cameo as well)… plus, LARPing, Grease, Bacon Bowls and the actual sounds of marital discord.  If the awkwardness doesn’t bother you,...

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    Show #71

    September 24, 2014

    Robert Andrew takes the Mickey personality test, but did he pass? Tune in and find out!

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    #1142: Show Killer

    September 24, 2014

    Your letters! Plus, Mike get’s some resolution… 2 trips to the movies… and Cary checks in. Today’s show is brought to you by our friends at Personal Capital! Start managing your money the easy way today!

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