• 3/30/14

    #79 – Mermaids, Moves, and MORE Broadcasting


    Marcus Certa is joined by Steve Mermelstein and Wes Armstrong to talk about The Mike O’Meara Show, It’s Mickey, Rob & Joe Show, Tech 411 Show, and Cake & Cookies, The Robb & Katie Show. Wes has his first appearance on O’MearaCast so we get to meet this fan of TMOS, and hear about his on-air appearance on The Don & Mike Show. Wes also gives more insight into Mickey Cucchiella since he has been listening to Mickey when he first started at 98 Rock in Baltimore. We discuss the drama unfolding on It’s Mickey. There is conversation about the amazing guests this week on The Mike O’Meara Show including a clip with Patton Oswalt and Fox 5 News Anchor Tony Perkins. But, why stay on the high road when we can also talk about mermaids and farting. Please put a rating and comment on your favorite podcast app, and share the show with a friend. Thanks for your support. More content can be found at facebook.com/omearacast and @OMearaCast on Twitter.

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