• 5/25/11

    Mike’s Pop Culture Quiz

    Payback can be a bitch! Oscar turns the table’s on Mike and presents him with a pop culture quiz from the past decade. Here are the questions.

    1. If I said I want your body NOW, who would hold it against you?
    2. I beat the crap out of Rhianna, who am I?
    3. We fist pump and have a “smush room”, what gutter did we crawl out of?
    4. I coined the catchphrase, “that’s hot” Who am I?
    5. I rose to fame on “Wizards of Waverly Place” and I have Beiber fever. Who am I?
    6. I hit the lottery with Cameron Diaz, then upgraded to Jessica Biel and now I’m linked to Olivia Wilde? Hate the game not the player… who’s the player?
    7. The Oxygen channel is what I call, “Home Sweet Hollywood” …. spell my name.
    8. Angelina Jolie was never a FRIEND to me, who am I?
    9. What do Nick Lachey, John Mayer, and Tony Romo all have in common?
    10. I was the maid of honor at the royal wedding.
    11. First I was Married with Children and now I’m part of a more Modern Family. Who am I?
    12. I handed over one of the best roles on television because I couldn’t stop doing lines off strippers…
    13. I was slipping it to the maid…
    14. After dating Bar Rafaeli for 4 years my heart will go on….
    15. I was the worst star on dancing with the stars probably because I’m a teen mom…
    16. I’m known for High School Musical and leaked nude photos, what young starlet am I?
    17. What actor is relevant to Meet the Fockers and the fictitious Scorcher franchise?
    Bonus question: What movie is the fictitions “Scorcher” franchise referenced in?
    18. What season of “The Real Housewives” feature a sitcom stars former wife and Paris Hilton’s Aunt?
    19. I downgraded from Ryan Reynolds to Sean Penn. Who made this poor decision?
    20. Ashton Kutcher has found fame on 2 major sitcoms, what are they?
    21. If Im a Little Monster. Who do I love to listen too?

    Answers to these questions can be heard on episode 346.

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