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R&J #290 – Stand Up and Sit Down

March 13, 2017

Drugs and alcohol seem to permeate the comedy scene as Rob describes a few gigs this week. At the murder mystery on Sunday, Joe’s girlfriend almost gets into a fight with a disruptive audience member. Joe feels guilt about not being there to defend her. Robby messes around with...

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R&J #283 – Lie, Cheat, and Steal

February 6, 2017

Rob is the victim of a new, mild form or racism. Rob and Joe contemplate the disappointment of Atlanta sports fans and the dislike for the Patriots dynasty. Lady Gaga’s leap from the roof of NGR stadium inspires a strange conversation about preferred methods of suicide. Joe emails Robby...

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R&J #233 – No Means No

February 29, 2016

An engagement announcement on TMOS eclipses any discussion of the successful murder mystery in Leesburg. Rob once again sniffing-out controversies in the comedy community on Facebook gets un-friended and blocked in two separate confrontations. When Joe buys ballet tickets for his girlfriend’s birthday, he doesn’t get quite what he...

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OMC #144 – Off The Rails

February 7, 2016

Marcus and Steve are talking about MORE Broadcasting. A thoughtful moment goes awry for Mike on The Mike O’Meara Show. Robb gets a parenting pep talk from Oscar. Gary re-enacts his driving rant on The Tony Perkins Show.  Joe and Rob are scared of Robby on The Rob &...

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OMC #136 – Tony Lam

October 26, 2015

Tony Lam joins Marcus this week to talk about MORE Broadcasting and what makes him such a fan. Here about his recent visits to live appearance by members of The Mike O’Meara Show. What about TMOS becoming the Star Wars podcast? Mike has some moments of frustration over Skype,...

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OMC #135 – Tony Galle

October 18, 2015

Robb Mobb and TMOS fan Tony Galle guests on this week’s show. Find out how Tony became a fan and more about this Vermont listener. On The Mike O’Meara Show, there are many guests and news stories that we discuss. Hear clips from Kelly Carlin, daughter of George Carlin,...

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OMC #134 – Charlie Birney

October 11, 2015

Charlie Birney joins Marcus on this week’s show to discuss all things MORE Broadcasting and talk about the TMOS Focus Group. Get to know how Charlie became a fan of The Mike O’Meara Show, The Rob and Joe Show, and hear his new song for The Tony Perkins Show...

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OMC #133 – Let The Love In

October 5, 2015

Courtney Calkins joins Marcus this week to discuss MORE Broadcasting. I think we hit Courtney’s nerve and find out what makes him tick. He has some critiques on Tech 411, but also a rave review of Rob and Joe Show. Lots to talk about after a couple interviews this...

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