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R&J #283 – Lie, Cheat, and Steal

February 6, 2017

Rob is the victim of a new, mild form or racism. Rob and Joe contemplate the disappointment of Atlanta sports fans and the dislike for the Patriots dynasty. Lady Gaga’s leap from the roof of NGR stadium inspires a strange conversation about preferred methods of suicide. Joe emails Robby...

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R&J #281 – Doing Lunch With Shelly

January 23, 2017

Ben Collins from The Daily Beast joins the show to discuss his pivotal piece on the Keyser Soze of Comedy. The possibility of finding a documentary filmmaker to fully expand on this story is explored. The conversation is then graced by Alex Bell from Isle of Mann’s Manx Radio....

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#1493: Patton Oswalt In Studio

March 30, 2016

Today we are joined by the great Patton Oswalt and we discuss the importance of Garry Shandling… the difference between Conan and Letterman… movies… virtual reality… and Mike’s nipples. Plus: deejay talk ups!

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R&J #221 – Foot Cramp

December 2, 2015

Rob and Joe without Robby and chat, but talk about both. Why is Robby so mad? Joe will even share a childhood story of Robby and what happens when he gets mad. Mystery Science Theater has come up again with direct ties to Rob and Joe. Find out how...

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OMC #140 – Bad Pets

November 30, 2015

America’s favorite P1 Steve Mermelstein panels on this week’s show. It’s a short week, but an important one. Patton Oswalt stops into The Mike O’Meara Show and TMOS has one of the best Bonus shows ever. We are still trying to figure out Rob Maher’s commitment issue after he...

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#1417: Patton Oswalt In Studio

November 25, 2015

Big Pumpkin! Plus… family, Houston, the politics of social media, Patton’s new special and a man made of weed. Today’s show is brought to you by our 2016 BONUS SHOWS! It’s one of the best ways to support this very show!

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