• RAW 2013

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    It’s finally here! Order the 3 episode RAW series and hear the guys from TMOS like you’ve never heard them before! You’ll find out what actually happens when 7 guys are thrown into two SUVs, one beach house, as they invade the beautiful Fort Myers, Florida!
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    • You must purchase the 3 show set in order to receive the home movies.
    • Video available as a digital download/stream only.
    • Video release date: Friday, June 14, 2013



    Part One

    A glorious travelogue as your TMOS buddies head South to from The Zit to Florida and battle the monotony of car travel, greasy roadside food, “South of the Border”, alarm clocks… and each other. Plus, Mike nearly kills Robb. It’s trés bon bon bon bon, so join us, won’t you? Pedro sez: “Listen real loud, kids!”

    Just $5.00

    Part TwoEven more fun and frolic as your TMOS travelers hit the local bars and meet the local douchebags. Plus, fun at the ol’ ballgame, Mike’s guided tours and live music that you have to hear to believe. It all leads up to a thrilling conclusion at our “Meet-N-Greet” at Hooters. Truly, sun and fun… and alcohol poisoning.

    Just $5.00

    Part ThreeThe TMOS RAW Trilogy concludes with the day after the night before… and a trip back home that involves vicious anger, abandonment, doughnut poisoning, legal proceedings and live alligators. It has to be heard to be believed. A fitting end to a wondrous journey.

    Just $5.00