• 7/4/15

    Episode #49 – Happy 4th of July!


    Our TPGS celebration of Independence Day features inspiring, patriotic words from, arguably, two of our WORST movie presidents ever! Plus, author and activist Mark Dice hits the streets of California to find out just what people know about why we celebrate Independence Day…and it isn’t pretty! So this inspires Tony and Gary to conduct their first-ever “man on the street” interviews!

    Also: Mega-Beatles collector Russ Lease tells us about the recently discovered John Lennon guitar that’s been missing for 50 years. YOU could possibly buy it! (IF you’re EXTREMELY rich!)

    [See more Mark Dice bits at YouTube.com/MarkDice]
    [For more on Russ Lease, check out BeatleSuits.com & FabFourExhibit.com]


    Episode #48 – Tony & Gary & Gary & Sam & Sal & Junior


    Gary brings in a doctor to help Tony with his bald spot! Perhaps unsurprisingly, the doctor is NOT of much help! Also, Gary’s writing and acting partner from his Hollywood days, the very funny Sam Ingraffia, joins the guys IN STUDIO; together, Sam and Gary describe what it’s like to almost make it in Hollywood. (In fact, they almost made it SEVERAL times!)

    Plus: The TRUE story of “Sal and Junior”, pictured here in their younger days!

    This episode is humorous AND humiliating!


    Episode #47 – The Most Recent Show So Far


    This week’s show features a cavalcade of stories about awkward, weird, funny, and even sad encounters with the stars, including a new one from one of our listeners. Starring John Belushi, The Grateful Dead, Cal Ripken Jr., Boz Scaggs, Tiny Tim, and Simon and Garfunkel!

    Also: Gary’s most awkward kiss ever!


    Episode #46 – Vanity Hair


    In this episode, Tony reveals something personal that he has not discussed publicly before; needless to say, Gary does not cut him much slack.

    Also: “Facebook When You’re Dead”; we review MORE Broadcasting supporter Kappy Pfeiffer’s list of “Worst Pop Songs EVER!”; Gary teaches us what some common urban expressions really mean in “Dad You Can’t Say That!”; and, the boys go bananas!


    Episode #45 – Tony’s New Vulva (and All That Jazz)


    The guys talk about how much fun they had at jazz singer Sarah Partridge’s gig at Blues Alley in Washington, D.C. and Rob Ford surprises them with a recording from their “comedy” routine from the show!

    Plus: Tony’s bad parking situation, and Gary presents “Mistakes with Words”.

    Photo by Jeff Hancock


    Episode #44 – “And Then I Saw Stubble…”


    This UPROARIOUS episode stars the hysterical and ALWAYS game for anything, DANNY BONADUCE! The guy who rose to fame as “Danny Partridge” opens up about EVERYTHING: the marriages, the arrests, and the crazy career – and he’s very funny doing it!

    Also: Cursing with the kids; How high the sun; Gary loves Tommy Bahama; and a guest appearance from Sarah Partridge!

    [The Danny Bonaduce and Sarah Show airs weekdays on 102.5 KZOK-FM in Seattle]


    Episode #43 – Stumped!


    In his apparent on-going effort to embarrass and humiliate his partner, Gary quizzes Tony yet again, this time with the “Tony Perkins Even HARDER Music Trivia Game”. Let’s just say the results aren’t pretty! Plus: a truly odd TV commercial; what your iPhone won’t do; gifts for Gary; our first-ever “Embarrassing Celebrity Encounter” from one of our listeners (!); and, sadly, what may be the final update from Rob about his “Date Lab” adventure.


    Episode #42 – Good Night, Dave


    Tony and Gary salute David Letterman, as he steps down from the “Late Show with David Letterman”, and ends his 33 years on late night TV on May 20th. And renowned “TV Guide” critic Matt Roush joins the guys to help put the Letterman era in perspective.

    Plus: Tony describes a very uncomfortable experience that makes him feel like a creepy old man; Gary tests just how “worldly” Tony is with a new game, “The Worldly World of Tony Perkins”; and both guys present, for your amusement and amazement, the WORST POP SONGS EVER. You will not believe how bad at least one of these songs is!