• 12/21/17

    #4: Stimulate


    Yuletide Political cheer as Mike and Chris break down the new tax bill, take a look a at the 2018 midterms, review possible judicial noms… and a new theme song.


    #3: No Moore; Special Election


    Mike and Chris break down the Alabama Election, the accuracy of exit polls, Steve Bannon, and how (and why) Omarosa actually left the White House.


    Political Persuasions #2: Hook & Bullet


    This week, Mike & Chris discuss the Franken resignation, Jerusalem, reducing national monuments, under the radar legislation… and your Tweets.


    #1: A New Beginning


    It’s the debut of the new Political Persuasions. Anchor Mike O’Meara is joined by Washington insider and journalist Chris Frates for a topical discussion of news and politics. In this episode, we get to know Chris and we discuss our President, tribalism and other news of the day.