• 12/3/17

    OMC #205 – Dan O’Brien


    The Mike O’Meara Show intern, Dan O’Brien, joins OMC this week to discuss the work, Adrian, NOLA, and the other shows of MORE Broadcasting. We hit the new show to MORE Broadcasting, Political Persuasions with co-hosts, Mike O’Meara and Chris Frates. Dan and Marcus discuss mistakes, assertion, and pot. Get more insight into what Dan is doing, wants to do, and lots of teasing. We also play clips from The Rob and Joe Show and TMOS.


    #204 – Jim’s Thanksgiving Special


    Jim Amato is back at the helm of the Good Ship O’MearaCast while Marcus Certa is enjoying the holidays in The Windy City. This week, a Jim cooks up a Thanksgiving episode with his special guest Tony Lam as they share memories of past holidays, shingles, and finances. Along with loads of fun from TMOS, Cake & Cookies, Rob & Joe, and The Bonus Show. It the perfect show to listen to as you hit the road to Grandma’s!


    OMC #203 – Robb Spewak and No-No


    This week, Marcus and Robb talk about The Mike O’Meara Show Live in New Orleans. find out No-No’s back story. Robb talks about his feelings and some other behind the scene’s details of his upcoming cruise. We obviously can’t help but discuss food and drink. Robb talks about his Dad, HBS. We talk about his future and past. It is a lot of ground with a good dose of Robb humor.


    OMC #202 – Left Behind


    While most of TMOS Nation is celebrating in The Big Easy, Jim Amato is back in the Steel City Studios cookin’ up this week’s O’MearaCast. His special guest is Jay Clyde, who moderates the TPGS Fan Club and the TMOS Elite Whiskey Society on Facebook. This week Jim and Jay share their love of Bourbon, TMOS, and Pirates (the baseball kind). Plus, listen for surprises from NOLA and some neat facts about Jim!


    OMC #201 – NOLA and Gary Stein


    SDM comes on the show to discuss some of the special NOLA events happening around the TMOS Live Show. Also, he shares a new project, TMOS Gives. But, for the main attraction… Gary Stein. The beloved co-host of The Tony Perkins Show featuring Gary Stein. Gary and Marcus get into who Gary is. Man, Husband, PI, Real Estate Agent, Jew, Producer, Actor, Bartender, and much more. For those who listen to his show, you will hear something new. If you haven’t heard TPGS, then you will understand why it is so easy to talk to Gary and get to know him. 


    OMC #200 – MOM and TP


    Mike O’Meara sits down with Marcus to discuss The Mike O’Meara Show. What is the new Oscar like? Any plans for TMOS in NOLA? Would he go back to radio? Tony Perkins also joins the show this week. Tony shares his thoughts on news, RoFo, Gary, and The Tony Perkins Show featuring Gary Stein.


    OMC #199 – Scissor Show


    Marcus and Jim are together again to discuss Marcus’ misstep. Also, we cover the Wedding Show. Social Media craziness is a thing, and the reality of real estate. We’ve got clips from The Mike O’Meara Show, The Rob and Joe Show, and The Tony Perkins Show featuring Gary Stein. And, Tim Gunn, Pirates, and weak teak.


    OMC #198 – Bubbles


    John Crandall, the creator of the latest TMOS Wine Enthusiast Club promo, is our guest this week. The week started off on the wrong foot because of “The World”. But, The Mike O’Meara show is one track with burps, weddings, and Mac. Rob and Joe Show can’t do it without Robby with a sprinkling of Scott Apple.