• 6/3/18

    OMC #225 – We’re Out of TP


    A couple big announcements this week, and plenty of stuff to cover from The Mike O’Meara Show, Cake & Cookies, Political Persuasions, and The Tony Perkins Show featuring Gary Stein. Marcus and Jim have clips and an uncanny ability to talk. Join us in doing our part to make MORE great again.


    OMC #224 – TMOS Beer Enthusiast Event


    Matthew Preissner the leader of the TMOS Beer Enthusiast Club is our guest this week to talk about an upcoming event and whats going on on MORE Broadcasting including a HUGE tease from The Mike O’Meara Show. We discuss beer, Beluga, Oscar, Rob and Joe Show, and much more. Our love goes out to Tony Perkins and his family. Also, our congratulations to Joe and Katie. 


    OMC #223 – Jimmy Cirrito Shares The Love


    Jimmy Cirrito joins the O’MearaCast and tells stories of how he first met Mike and  their personal relationship, motorcycle trips, and more.  Jimmy shares some wonderful, funny and heartwarming “behind the scenes” moments from TMOS and MORE!


    #222 – Angel


    This week on MORE Broadcasting: The Mike O’Meara Show hits 2000 shows! Rob struggles with Twitter, but TMOS thinks he should warm up the WHC Dinner. Get your new domain today. It might be worth gold. Gary is hard of hearing. Download the TMOS app powered by Playapod to hear all your MORE programming.


    #221 – Back in Time


    For the week of April 16th… this is OMC. 

    TMOS starts a bet, Rejuvenating crotches, Gramps, Jackie Martling, and diplomacy. 


    OMC #220 – Pulling Hair


    Timely travel tips, music legends, and relationships. Jim Amato and Courtney Calkins have the highlights from the past week from the MORE Network, and give their take (Jim and Courtney’s Take) from The Mike O’Meara Show, The Tony Perkins Show, Rob & Joe, Tech 411, and The TMOS Bonus Show. Jam-Packed with top-flight comedy, it’ll make you want to pull your hair out!


    OMC #219 – MORE Crossover week


    When you listen hard to all of the MORE Broadcasting shows, you get to hear the guys sit-in on the other shows, Rob and Joe join TMOS, Oscar visits Tony Perkins, Marcus joins TMOS AND Rob and Joe show. And then on O’Mearacast Courtney and Swanny cover all of the shows with various layers of revelations.  

    O’MearaCast, for those of us who listen harder, because there is so much MORE to say.


    OMC #218 – Hoppy Easter


    Jesus Returns! And, so does The Mike O’Meara Show with the Big O turning 40. On Political Persuasions, does Mike think this is the end of times? Joe has a missed connection and Gramps inspires the old people. From The Tony Perkins Show, Russ Parr tease Gary into his next big break. These and a few other things this week. Thanks for listening.