• 10/24/16

    OMC #166 – Nicky Diamond Demo


    Nicky wanted to make sure you heard his demo. I may owe him a little money over a wager we made so this is how I will pay him back. It was this or a broken nose.


    OMC #165 – Mike O’Meara 2-on-1 REPLAY


    This show was originally broadcast May 6th, 2014. Mike O’Meara was a new resident of Florida and many other changes. Marcus and Steve got to speak to Mike about all that was going on, discussion about behind the scenes work, and so much more. Catch Steve’s creepy call to Katie too.


    OMC #164 – REPLAY: Oscar Santana


    From May 15th, 2014, this is a rebroadcast of a conversation between Marcus and Oscar Santana. This is when Rofo had just started with The Mike O’Meara Show. Many new shows had joined MORE Broadcasting, and lots of other stuff you may have forgotten about. Hear Oscar before he had his Master’s Degree! Enjoy!


    OMC #163 – Tomato, Amato


    Jim Amato joins Marcus to discuss this week on MORE Broadcasting including the recently released Tech 411 Show. Happy Birthday, Carla O’Meara! Dirk is smooth. Little Michael is so cute and funny. Mike’s toilet humor. On The Tony Perkins Show, Gary has another celebrity encounter and a head injury. Tony is keeping a secret bit hidden from the fans, and God is mean to him. Tech 411 unboxed the IPhone 7. On The Mike O’Meara Show, we get some fantasy football talk from a criminal?  This an more and O’Mearacast. Thanks for listening.


    OMC #162 – Cabinets of Comedy


    Marcus and Courtney talk about The Mike O’Meara Show, Rob and Joe Show, and The Tony Perkins Show featuring Gary Stein. Sometimes listeners make mistakes. There were two that made apologies this week and you’ll hear one Jason who called into The Mike O’Meara Show. Mike can easily be distracted, but it brings us so much entertainment. Robb has pivoted as a DJ. Hear what he used to sound like. On the Rob and Joe Show, Joe talks about how he made a guy cry. It may not be Rob who cried, but Rob is crying foul about an agreement and where he stands on the priority list with Joe. On the Tony Perkins Show, Gary is a little irritated that his best pal Tony doesn’t remember his skills. Tony and Gary talk to a reporter who followed the Beatles. Oscar has some weird exercises and more troubles at home with the home.


    OMC #161 – Oscar Fernandez


    This week’s guests – Oscar Fernandez and Steve Mermelstein. Find out about how Oscar became a fan of The Mike O’Meara show. He will tell you how is fandom turned into a radio show in the DC market. We will explore the Latin perspective on many topics. Maybe it will help us understanding TMOS’ Oscar Santana a little bit more. Hear how Oscar Fernandez relates to the show and not just Mr. Santana, but Mike and Robb too. Hear about the animal house, the run down house, and more. Mike is going through some health trouble, we cover it. Could Gary Stein help with his recent training, or will he be easily distracted? We check on Robby Robinson’s social media etiquette. And, what did Joe spend for a bottle of wine during a party scam? So much fun and Mermelstein loses it on this episode. Enjoy!


    OMC #160 – Jim Amato


    Meet Jim Amato a relatively new listener to MORE Broadcasting. Find out how he got hooked and much more. We have clips from The Mike O’Meara Show, Rob and Joe Show, and The Tony Perkins Show feat. Gary Stein. Oscar graduates from college. Robb wins big. Hear the TPGS Morning Zoo. Also, hear the sound of a dog with long nails. Charlie meets Matt, and Robby loses his cool. Do you shop with your significant other? Would you have ice cream from bad people? The pot-heads are at it again. Hear Bernie talk about his latest platform. 


    OMC #159 – John Crandall


    P1 John Crandall is this week’s guest. He has been a long time fan of The Mike O’Meara Show. Hear more about John and how is relates to TMOS and Gary Stein. Hear about a couple phone calls from the 100th episode of The Tony Perkins Show. Yes, we have to speak briefly about Pokémon Go. Why is a kid taking Uber? Pot. Anime. Interns. And, we discuss Rob and Joe Show with some questionable behavior from Gramps and Pauly Shore. Mike returns on TMOS and doesn’t disappoint.