• 3/19/17

    OMC #174: The Oscar Alarm


    Do not adjust your iPad, Marucs is off this week and filling in are two O’Mericans; Fred and Brett. This week: We introduce The Oscar Alarm, try to name Oscar’s fans and we get a nice buzz going with the TMOS Drinking Game. Download and enjoy TODEE!


    OMC #173 – The High Sparrow


    SDM, Stephen Douglas McIntire, guests on this week’s show. We discuss all things TMOS in New Orleans Nov. 4th including hotel accommodations and more. We discuss clips from The Mike O’Meara Show, Rob and Joe Show, Cake & Cookies, and The Tony Perkins Show. Are the Boston Red Sox trying to pick up all the O’Meara women during the pre-season? Is Adrian running a hotel or a brothel? Did Robb get the best birthday gift ever? Have your parents ever embarrassed you? And, what is the High Sparrow doing during the show?


    OMC #172 – Live at Caroline’s


    Marcus is back from seeing The Tony Perkins Show Live at Caroline’s in NYC. It was a great show. Hear some of what happened. Mike comments on the state of MORE Broadcasting and gives an update on his health. How do you answer the drinking question? Rob and Joe take the hypothetical too far. And, Jim Amato helps keep the show rolling on. Thanks for listening.


    OMC #171 – Who’s driving the bus?


    Jim Amato takes the wheel and takes us down a road of clips from The Mike O’Meara Show, The Tony Perkins Show, The Rob and Joe Show, and Tech 411. Who is the better singer, Little Mike or Tony Perkins? We’re building a Mt. Rushmore of P1s for TMOS and Rob and Joe Show. Everybody loves Ben & Jerry’s, but those hotel eggs are questionable. Someone goes to the amusement park and it’s not Robb. The interns bring good material to TMOS. Pony is not a Brony.


    OMC #170 – The Shih Tzu


    Dirk Vastrick comes back on O’Mearacast. You can hear his first appearance on show #29. Dirk is a top 10 P1 and the future second husband to Carla O’Meara. Learn more about Dirk and what he thinks of this past week’s shows. We’ve got clips from The Mike O’Meara Show, The Tony Perkins Show featuring Gary Stein, and The Rob and Joe Show. Hear Mike’s doctor visit in hell. Robb may have brain damage. A big announcement from The Tony Perkins Show is shared. And, The Rob and Joe Show get creepy with death. This and a whole lot more are discussed on this week’s show. Enjoy!


    OMC #169 – Prop Bets


    A big announcement from The Tony Perkins Show! Hear some thoughts about the current political climate from Tony Perkins and Rob Maher. Rob and Joe throw down a major challenge to Dan Nianan. Nicky diamond has a prop bet of the week. Did it win or lose? We love show distractions, and it happened during Wide Open Wednesday. Will the phones remain open? How can TMOS get the word out about the show? Oscar has another pep talk.


    OMC #168 – Fresh Show


    George Hanna and Marcus discuss The Mike O’Meara Show with many new things and reflections on old things. Hear about the political aftermath which always happens after TMOS goes political on the show. The Interns take a walk. Famous people are calling into TMOS. We don’t forget the Rob and Joe Show where we debate a listener letter and Joe attempts to recruit a particular audience to their Murder Mysteries. You can find past shows at MyTMOS.com!


    OMC #167 – TMOS Live


    Jim Amato joins Marcus to discuss TMOS Live in DC at the DC Improv. They talk about fans, behind the scenes, and reactions. Jim made it to Jimmy’s Old Town Tavern in Herndon, VA which starts his adventure. A Live event is a great time to meet other fans who you only know from social media. Jim meets many including Dirk Vastrick, Carla’s next husband. Don’t underestimate the ladies as Jim met some of the famous female fans of TMOS. Hear a hard ball question for Oscar which Robb knocks out of the park. TMOS makes a major announcement about the next TMOS Live Show. And, Nicky Diamond set up a date on Tinder with someone associated with TMOS