• 9/15/15

    #58: H. R. Flush and Stuff


    The Skype is nearly as bad as a migraine or being without water… but the show soldiers on with tales of pink eye, squatting, lizards, rats, Darlene, guns… and the crispiest bacon EVER.  Please enjoy!  Thank you… so much.


    #57: Ceiling Dan


    Robb is sad…No Telethon. Robb is happy: New Jingles! Katie vs. the lamp, the ladder, and the picture. Plus, High School embarrassment, giraffes, dogs, crab cakes… and will Robb sleep in his tuxedo? All of this and more… so listen. And listen LOUD.


    #56: Bring Your Own Sombrero


    It’s the “Back to School” Cake and Cookies Spectacular! Everyone is tired (thanks to dinner clubbing, guest-hostery and Wednesday night drinking). Plus, expensive chickens… gifts… Jibril in the hizzouse… AND A PARTY! All the Jane-iacs are gonna love this episode… now, with extra Baking Soda.


    #55: Outhouse


    A super-sized travelogue as Robb and Katie recap the madcap antics of the Spewaks visiting the von Herrmanns.  Plus: Hearses, Taffy, Rainy Bacon, SOTB, GF, Euphemisms and Coaster Olympics… IN THE HOUSE!


    #54: One Last Flight


    The Barber just doesn’t understand.  Plus, Katie is like a (pissed-off) kid in a candy store, an amazing letter, a backyard cemetery… and we play some jingles, Cousin.  Oh, and remember: “the Tater Tot Casserole knows no season”…



    #52: Fat Person Lock


    Back on your internet with a moment of remembrance, toilets and refrigerators, mystery styrofoam, wasps, ailments and hangovers.  Hoo hah… such much!  Enjoy… thank you so much.


    #51: Sand Quick


    It’s Robb vs. the Chair, Katie vs. the Popsicles, a brand new mic and the crises continue.  So, grab your crochet hook and listen up… before your cherry Ativan melts.


    #50: The Black Box


    A totally gear episode for all of our fab listeners.  This week, Robb and Katie count down (and discuss) their all-time, Top 10 Beatles records… and Katie cheats.  Plus:  Weighing Wine, Silent Thunder, The Jaw, The House, The Pickers and Mockolate.  Don’t forget:  GET CHEESE!