#85: Aquaholics


It’s our “All Question” show… but sadly, we don’t answer many questions. But Dan stops by in character, Katie has a patriotic rave-out, Judd talks about his holiday and we play a few records. Enjoy, my friends.


#84: Liga-Mints


It’s Independence Day fun as Linus has a bad day, Katie watches when she shouldn’t, Dan gets even paler, we remember Pepper… and Robb yells about watermelon. Plus, it’s our grossest show ever, we think. Light fuse and get away… and enjoy!


#83: Jazz Cigarettes


Presley is LAZY! Plus, Katie takes a road trip… Mayonnaise and Pizza arguments… Fancy Living’… and we introduce you to a new band that you are gonna love. Dig in… the crab cake is delicious!


#82: White Pineapples


A Big Double-Stuft Episode for Father’s Day Weekend that features Toothless Dogs, Jacko’s Father-in-Law, Bad Gifts for Dad, a Surgery Update, Bad Ties, The Brady Bunch… and The Longest Edward G. Robinson story EVER.


#81: Fauxjito


Back Again, Baby… with a Weaverman Update, Mad Dan, Outhouse Trouble, Defensive Body Language, A Sweet Sixteen, Social Drinking… and Linus get a little “handsy” (Pawsy?). ENJOY!


#80: “Butter Scotch”


Back after a brief hiatus with our longest episode EVER. Tune in for “Fragile Robb”, “Lonely Katie”, “Shirtless Dan” (and “Hal”), the “Spewaks minus one” in Savannah… Plus, a brand new record that’s 50+ years old and your marvelous questions. See you soon!


#79: Kick Beer Craft League


It’s time to visit the Pauzenkoffs! Plus: an Unsettled House, Square Eyes, St. Pats in Savannah, a Possible Doggie Visit… and a Stroll through the Vodka Aisle. Enjoy, and wait 20 minutes before swimming.


#78: Asapacl


Perhaps our goofiest episode ever… Robb’s birthday that never was, a story of very-delayed mathematics, a Dan health update, the cooler in the car… and a new character is born. Plus, more cussing than usual. Hop aboard the Cake & Cookie Train for a ride that you won’t soon forget.