• 5/20/18

    #97: This Fork Sucks!


    Guess who’s back? Remember us? The C & C Podcast Factory returns (because Katie’s Doctor said we could). Today, we get a full Katie Jaw update, discuss social media preferences, Messy Dogs, and Christmas Creepiness. Plus, your questions! Does Robb sing? Maybe… and it’s great to be back.


    #96: Bieber Eleven


    It’s almost JAW TIME! Plus… Robb has to come to terms with an age-related crisis, Katie’s floppy haircut… and salt water has a really… unexpected? …effect on some people.


    #95: Gear Moe


    Two Words: Muscle Relaxer. But Wait… There’s More: Robb’s Weird Road Trip, Bells, Horns, Accents, The New C & C C C, and Bedroom Ground Rules. Enjoy…?


    #94: Before Horn


    We are back for the New Year with an analysis of the Savannah “Blizzard”, Horn Talk, Vicious Birds, Swim Trunks, Katie’s Jaw and Sexy Vacation Fun. See you at The Expo Center!


    #93 “Pig Door”


    A little Thanksgiving snack for all you C & C Enthusiasts to enjoy over the long weekend… wherever you may be.  Take this episode over the river and through the woods and dig on some classic Thanksgiving stories, Muppet analysis, opinions, special doors… and a plea for joy.  We love you guys… have a wonderful holiday.


    #92: “I Think it’s a Mutant.”


    Back in your ears once again… The C & C Podcast Factory talks about Marital Pranks, Licorice Hats, Angry Clowns, Acrophobia… and the Best-mannered Dogs in the South. Plus, Parenting by Text. Fun AND Educational.


    #91: “Bowling For Bacon”


    Back after a short hiatus with a one-hour-plus batch of Cake & Cookies (“It’s Good for What Ails Ya!”). Lots of free association’ nonsense… plus, Katie’s Circus, The Landscapers, Bathroom Danger, Kiddie Bingo, Duckpins… and rare bit of sincerity. Enjoy, thank you so much.

    Oh! And here’s the film of Big Daddy (my Grandfather) bowling. It’s awesome: https://youtu.be/Crzm6l-VrbU?t=23m19s


    #90: Burrito-Like


    All animals LOVED the evacuation (except one)… Plus: Electricity, Hard Seltzer, A Nasty Fall… and One Bleeped Word. Enjoy.