• 2/12/17

    #76: Are You Gonna be Mad If I Take A Pain Pill?


    Katie cheats death! Dan has a cold! Robert III is building a car (LIVE! In Studio!)! Garfield loves Lasagna! We rank our cars! And… it’s talent show season. Enjoy, friends.


    #75: Half a Million “Thank You’s”


    A Special Cake and Cookies in-studio presentation: Katie returns to the Robbradio World Broadcast HQ for an exclusive recap of her trip (with Robb’s daughter Julia) to the Women’s March on Washington. It’s like being there… without having to find a parking spot. Enjoy a first-hand recap of history. And we thank you.


    #74: Imelda Bark-os


    C & C… back again! This time with thieving dogs, tales of embarrassment. Robb in a tie (!), Dan vs. dog, extra jingles and the zoo contest. Listen if you like… ain’t nobody stopping you.


    #73: The String Cheese Incident


    A Super-Sized C & C for your new year with plenty of goodies: The Guest Room, The Guest Dog, The Guest Jibril, Blood (!), Your Questions… and so much more. Enjoy and Here’s to a Great 2017!


    #72: Aunt Titter


    A Yuletide-flavored episode of the C & C Podcast Factory… Super-sized with talk of odd names, a curious jingle pairing, your questions, Robb (solo) at a play, a dead bunny, Kai’s pants… and TOO MUCH PIE. Enjoy!


    #71: Analog Toys


    Despite the Universe ganging up on us, here we are, back with another C and C for Ye. Hear about Robb battling disorder and malfunctions… Katie fights Mother Nature and has surgery… and a delightful food-centric edition of “Getting to Know You.” Listen up… and we hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving as you travel over the woods and through the river, or something like that.


    #70: Anti-Climactic Ding-Dong


    Say “Hello” to Autumn (or as Katie calls it, “Fall”) with a brand new C & C Podcast Factory. Julia swings by on her way to HOCO, the problems with small-talk at a coffee house, the “Fantasy Island” flower, Dogs in the shower, Cary vs. the “Cadillac of Vacuums”… and, of course, your questions. Please enjoy (it’s the least you can do).


    #69: “Who Did This?”


    We’re baaa-aack! It’s been a while, but The C & C Podcast Factory has returned with a big, fat episode that has too many dogs, Robb losing it in front of his first-born, a killer grill, a pale guy named Jerry, Sir Paul… and a decided lack of hate. Feels great to be back… ENJOY!