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    Listen to a demo of The Mike O’Meara Show

    The Mike O’Meara Show has had over 15,000,000 downloads in just under three years, has been touted as one of iTunes’ featured podcasts and continues to grow. You can currently find our podcast among iTunes top & featured comedy podcasts with over 3700 reviews and an average rating of 5 stars. In just a few short months, The Mike OʼMeara Show has generated a strong following.

    From left to right: Robb Spewak, Buzz Burbank, Mike O'Meara, Oscar Santana (across the laps)

    From left to right: Robb Spewak, Buzz Burbank, Mike O'Meara, Oscar Santana (across the laps)

    The showʼs growing numbers include:

    • Over 5,000 feed subscribers per day
    • Over 5,500 feed downloads per day
    • Approx. 30,000 direct downloads per Podcast

    The website features equally impressive and growing numbers:

    • Over 5,000 unique visitors per day
    • Over 30,000 unique visitors per month
    • 500,000 page views per month

    Why podcasting? According to a 2009 study, Arbitron & Edison Media reported that online listening continues to reach record highs.

    • An estimated 69 million Americans have listened to internet radio in the past month
    • Weekly online radio audience up by nearly one third in the last year
    • Online radio reaches one-in-five 24-54 year olds per week
    • Online radio attracts an upscale, well-educated & employed audience
    • Is desirable because it offers more “Variety” and “Control” over other forms of radio

    According to a recent survey of our listeners, The Mike O’Meara Show audience consists of:
    Mike O'Meara

    • 67% of our listeners are between the ages of 25 and 44
    • 79% are male and 21% of our listeners are female
    • 80% listen to our podcast at least once a day
    • 47% have been listening to Mike O’Meara for at least 10 years

    Additional Information:

    • A combined 30,000+ fans following The Mike O’Meara Show and our hosts on facebook and twitter
    • 65.8% of our listeners are located in the eastern United States, 29.9% in the west.

    If you’re interested in advertising on The Mike O’Meara Show or would like more information, please contact our sales team at sales@mikeomearashow.com