R&J #404 – Woman on Fyre

In Rob and Joe by Matt Bluhm

Joe admits to not being fully on top of show-prep with Rob is in Chicago and unable to record this week.  Katie swallows something that is intended for another part of the body. Joe plans to enter his dog into the same show where Robby’s dog was robbed of any recognition whatsoever two years earlier. Katie and Joe don’t have a dog park in their neighborhood and they wonder if Robby would report someone taking advantage of the amenities in someone else’s community. There are a lot of new documentaries and Joe and Katie have seen them all. A new one called “Leaving Neverland”, set to release later this year, could destroy a recent addition to the batch Die Laughing Productions murder mystery shows. Luckily DLP gets highlighted on one of the top shows in the podcast world with a special shout-out to Katie. After seeing the new Laurel and Hardy biopic, Katie makes a comparison between the dynamic of the comedy duo and that of another she’s knows personally. Joe took on the responsibility of acquiring a few pieces of audio required for the new murder mystery, and is now complaining about it.

Aired Live Monday, January 28th at 7:30PM