R&J #400 – The Mile-I Club

In Rob and Joe by Matt Bluhm

Rob and Joe celebrate their 400th episode with no fanfare or anything extraordinary planned. Joe has another reason to celebrate. A visit with an old friend makes Joe realize what a hard worker he is. Rob goes to Korea where he makes the most of his by trip pushing the murder mystery, outlining the next script and catching up some movies. The Bear’s missed field goal in last weekend’s playoff game was officially ruled as a block, but Marcus doesn’t want to hear excuses. Joe invites strangers to the house for New Year’s Eve, which leads to a weird discussion about what you would feel comfortable having your neighbors do in your home, and also a confession. A fan posts a comment taking Joe to task. With Mara Reinstein scheduled to return soon, Joe talks about his confusion with the Golden Globe awards. Joe saw Robby many times over the holidays, but refused to pass along a gift from a fan that was sent to his home. Joe is confused by Asian dining.

Aired Live Monday, January 7th at 7:30PM