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#1558: Heat Thunder

June 30, 2016

Your letters! Plus… the sounds of Oscar, heat thunder at the movies, trolls… and Mike makes a discovery.

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#1557: Dude Centric Shark Week

June 29, 2016

It’s a Wide Open Wednesday and we take your calls! Plus… Dude Walker on Shark Week… the Game Of Thrones season finally… magic breasts… a florida magician and a wonderful harmonica trick.

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#1556: Livin’ On The Edge!

June 28, 2016

New glasses! plus, broken door knobs, drum assembly and dogsitting have us all on edge… a phonecall promise and Julia at work.

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R&J #250 – Putting the FUN in FUNERAL

June 27, 2016

Michael Chamberlin finally returns to the show and is immediately subjected to an analysis from Joe regarding his sex life. Rob suggests that maybe Mike should be more embarrassed for being personally ignored (and ultimately disappointed) when the honors for local theater were bestowed. The funeral of a well-known...

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#1555: Prescription Toilet Seat

June 27, 2016

Jay Leno stops by to tell us he’s OK… plus, Tony Robbins… Fletch… Mr. Weiner… Oscar’s personality… and Robb tried to kill Mike.

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OMC #157 – David Koloszar

June 26, 2016

David Koloszar guests on this week’s show. He shares his love for The Mike O’Meara Show as we discuss family, age, alcohol, and more. We also talk about The Rob and Joe Show. We would own our accomplishments at a reunion. If the toilet overflows, RUN! Also, when is...

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Bonus Show #278: June 24, 2016

June 24, 2016

On this week’s Bonus Show, it’s potty training time! Plus, Robb’s Show & Tell and Pony lives under a hooved beast. &nbsp

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#1554: Walker Florida Ranger

June 24, 2016

The British are leaving! Plus… an intern update… a walker for Mike… college life and a booze review!

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