• 4/6/15

    OMC #118 – MORE Exclusives


    This week’s show has exclusive never before heard It’s Mickey audio. Check out our clips from The Tony Perkins Show with special guest Sarah Partridge, jazz singer, actress, and wife of Gary Stein, as she talks about her singing and a memorable role with Tom Cruise. Jimmy Cirrito is on The Mike O’Meara Show along with Charlie, and a house full of guests. On Cake & Cookies, The Robb & Katie Show, Katie has an accident in Target, and we find out what makes her skin so soft. During the Rob & Joe Show, Joe Robinson loves what Rob Maher does, but wishes David Alan Grier would stop being funny. Are you overweight and scared of people seeing you eat, we have a clip and experience. The Mike O’Meara Bonus Show has unique content each week, but more people should sign up. We share the numbers. Why is Mickey looking at men’s cups, and who do you think is the greatest entertainer ever?

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