OMC #116 – MORE Lazy


Steve Merlmelstein returns as a gift to Robb Spewak who celebrates his 44th birthday this last week. Marcus and Steve talk tech in spite of no Tech 411 Show. rob and Joe Show get a lot of play this week since they were on The Mike O’Meara Show, The TMOS Bonus Show, and their own show with Robby Robinson having a bit of a meltdown. The Tony Perkins show blows us away with an amazing interview with May Pang, former girlfriend of John Lennon, and Gary admits to something that shocks us all. What else could possibly go wrong? Well, Mike has health issues along with taking the boat out with his family. These clips and much more on this week’s OMC. Thanks for listening. Follow us on Twitter @OMearaCast. – See more at: http://mikeomearashow.com/category/omearacast/#sthash.4Yhwp9Wv.dpuf

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