OMC #111 – MORE Uh Stuff

In The Mike O'Meara Show by Matt Bluhm

Marcus and Steve are together again with more clips and ball busting from MORE broadcasting. Steve is a braggart about his holiday gifts. Marcus doesn’t understand why some people can use and mic and others can’t. Merle Rogers is this week’s Tech 411 correspondent, and she shares The Flashy, The Tech, and The Bizarre. Mac Bergson and Chris Pontani have sent in clips from The Rob and Joe Show to help us understand why it is a must listen. BTW, have you heard about “belfies”? We have a clip from the Tony Perkins Show featuring Gary Stein to explain it all. And, hear Robb explain what Gary is taking about or who he is talking about. Could being a radio personality lead to intestinal issues? Can Todd Moore have more fun with scary people? Answers to these and more on the next episode of “Soap”, actually… this episode of O’MearaCast. Remember to leave a rating and review on ITunes, and thanks for listening.