• 1/12/15

    Bigots or SUPER-Bigots?


    Joe feels uneasy when he must do the show from what is basically a heavily-guarded vault. Joe gives some examples of what an inconsiderate roommate he is. Robby is on the hot seat again. The announcement of some new Girl Scout cookie flavors leads to a survey of all-time favorite desserts. A story from Joe’s personal life illustrates one of the essential differences between men and women. Comedian and writer Jim Meyer joins the show to defend his desire to not offend his most sensitive female readers. A friend of the show is revealed to be pretty sensitive himself in a late-night message to Joe. The gross details of a 60 Minutes correspondent’s extramarital affair are discussed. The show Super Bowl picks are re-evaluated now that season is coming to a close.

     Aired Monday, January 12 at 7:30PM

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