• 12/7/14

    OMC #108 – MORE Trunk Space


    Marcus has you covered this week on MORE Broadcasting. Gary Stein questions God’s design choices on The Tony Perkins Show. Tony Perkins has the same fear as Marcus, but what was Gilbert O’Sullivan thinking? Rob Maher may not trust Joe Robinson on the Rob and Joe Show, but Joe shouldn’t have trusted Chris Restivo to make anyone laugh. Katie talks about searching for a new place on Cake & Cookies: The Robb & Katie Show. You know its the holidays because Robb is changing out songs on the jukebox, but hear Katie’s favorite Christmas song. Mike O’Meara wonders whether wreaths on cars are cool. The Mike O’Meara Show deals with the issues of the day including the unfortunate loss of a young girl’s dream. From broken dreams to broken body, Mike is still suffering from one ailment to the other. Is the cause due to the lack of drinking or the move to Florida? Robb Spewak hates Marcus but loves Steve Mermelstein. Thanks for listening. Please write a comment on your podcast app and leave a rating. Follow the show on Facebook and Twitter. Enjoy!

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