OMC #103 – Snake Oil

In The Mike O'Meara Show by Josh Sroka

Back in studio with Marcus is Steve Mermelstein. He adds so much… to the chair. We got Todd talking about the future of gaming on Tech 411 Show. Mickey Cucchiella wants to get rid of technology, but might just be a little overwhelmed with the upcoming opening of Prime Nightclub. Mickey may also be jealous that Rob & Joe can swear and he can’t. The Rob & Joe Show has a surprise guest… a surprise to them. Chris Restivo now has a new role on the Rob & Joe Show. Then we get into the creepy: People sexting, Robb’s cheeks, and some listeners’ inappropriate notes. Tony Perkins shares about his make up kit, and Gary “knows” Jane Fonda. Mike bought magic tonic and trying to be a better listening and sweeter husband. We also get a little update about Jabril. Katie feels better. Steve is just Katie’s friend. Dan’s woodpecker. And, some background on the fall of The Robb Spewak Show from KCJJ. More clips, a bit of talk, and silliness. Thanks for listening.