OMC #102 – Get your CAT Tickets!


Buy your #CAT2014 tickets before they sell out! Marcus Certa has you covered for all things MORE Broadcasting. It’s Mickey and Rob & Joe Show are having a little podcast war. Mickey Cucchiella is upset with Joe Robinson, and Robert Andrew gets it good. Joe needs to watch over his shoulder because a new comedian is also his ex’s ex. Rob won’t last long when the zombies take over while Joe will just tell them off for chasing him. Tony Perkins and Gary Stein talk TV with interesting comments about Newsroom, and we meet two friends on The Tony Perkins Show. Comedian Chris Paul has had a few jobs and Sam Ingraffia goes hungry trying to talk to Orson Welles. This week on TMOS, Mike and Robb go after Oscar about his 2 faces when Oscar is on The Mike O’Meara Show versus being a part of Big O & Dukes. Oscar bring a lot to TMOS from Latin culture to jimmying a door open. Mike see the silver feathered flamingos fly back south, and reminds us about his time as a mascot more than once including a large-mouthed bass. Rob Ford spins a tale when describing how he lives, and Oscar is willing to push him off the building for a few more listeners.

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