Death by a Thousand Cuts

In Rob and Joe by Matt Bluhm

One guest stands out as particularly scary at Joe’s Halloween party. Joe hints at a friend’s big plans for a Halloween surprise. Joe calls out an annoying woman at a haunted house. Rob’s commuting frustrations send him into an emotional tailspin. Rob searches for the comedian parallel to an NFL player’s embarrassing injury . Rob and Joe perform at semi-successful benefit and run into a podcasting colleague. Joe’s concerns grows over a potential upcoming show guest. A fellow comic mistakenly sends Rob a musical audio message. Joe refutes a chat room invader’s position on handling attractive women. For the first time, Rob and Joe perform as a live comedy team at local show. Some interesting audience members cause Rob and Joe to wonder what physical ailments might be taboo to address from the stage.

Aired Live Monday, October 27th at 7:30PM