OMC #99 – Sell This Out!

In The Mike O'Meara Show by Josh Sroka

Marcus has more clips from MORE Broadcasting. So whether you missed something or want to hear it again, this is the place to be. Hear exciting news about CAT 2014 in Reno, NV at Circus Circus, and Mike starting to panic a little. The Mike O’Meara Show has a new promo policy, and listener Brad Allen makes a promo for Tech 411. Also, this week on TMOS, Mike spooks the neighbors, does some DIY projects aroudn the house, and struggles with ice cream. Will Mike have a drink in Reno? Maybe. On The Tony Perkins Show, they have a huge guest in Danny Aiello who reveals his love for singing and music. Gary also talks about his first experience as a parent. Rob and Joe tackle the questions of the day with tall women and relationship statuses. Is Rob getting unlucky with his recent audiences? Katie talks about her love of maps on Cake & Cookies while Robb recalls a story relating to seeing people out of context. Last, Hear a piece of Big O & Dukes which apparently got heated in the bunker after the last OMC. Thanks for listening. Please share the show and leave a rating with comment on your favorite podcast app.