OMC #98 – Meow!

In The Mike O'Meara Show by Josh Sroka

This week’s show has more clips than ever before! Marcus will go through all the shows on MORE Broadcasting including the return of It’s Mickey and Tech 411 Show. This week there are big announcements from The Mike O’Meara Show’s CAT 2014 at Circus Circus in Reno, NV on Nov. 15th. Marcus shares the details. TMOS talks about athletes in the shadow of the Ray Rice situation. Mike has issues with his phone, and he is working on fixing his back. Tech 411 Show covers the Apple IPhone 6 announcement and some outside observations with Apply Pay as well as Todd confronting Oscar over Big O & Dukes appearance on Sirius satellite radio. Also, Oscar thinks the IWatch is a good value. It’s Mickey returns with an interview with Baltimore’s Hammerjacks owner Louie Principio. Tony Perkins has fellow Fox 5 friend Annie Yu in studio, and Gary has issues with air fresheners. Rob Maher is frustrated by Joe’s connection, guys who won’t laugh, and tells us about Towanda confronting a coworker. Robb mentions he was slighted by Marcus. Katie gets justifiable attitude from Presley. Robb talks to Katie about trying to communicate with Cary with a CPAP. Please leave a rating and comment for this show on your favorite podcast app. You can subscribe on ITunes and Stitcher.