• 9/7/14

    OMC #97 – We’re A Team


    Marcus Certa gets you up to speed on the week in MORE Broadcasting with clips and commentary. On the Rob & Joe Show, Rob Maher gets mad at a heckler, Joe Robinson is lazy, and Joe paints a pretty picture. On The Tony Perkins Show featuring Gary Stein, they talk to ABC News anchorman and Good Morning America host Charlie Gibson. Gary plays another game with phrases, and introduces “things that go viral” talking with YouTube celeb, Mike Masse. This week on TMOS, Mike O’Meara hurts himself again, and goes to the movies and enjoys Guardians of the Galaxy. Oscar has another pep talk but doesn’t know what grits are. Robb Spewak gets some mocking from Steve Bridges and looks like a “creep” when he goes to see Grease at the theater. Please subscribe to the show on ITunes or Stitcher, and follow us on Facebook or Twitter. Thanks for listening.

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