• 7/28/14

    OMC #93 – He’s a Ginger


    Marcus Certa and Stephanie Larson talk about MORE Broadcasting. This week, we have clips from The Mike O’Meara Show and Rob & Joe Show. We converse about the appearance of Domonique Foxworth and Sanjay on TMOS as well as Brian McDaniel from TMZ on Rob & Joe Show. Stephanie and Marcus are a little distracted by Game of Thrones, but get back to Reed’s Ginger Beer and The King’s smash cake. Stephanie also shares the woman’s perspactive on the Santana Institute and coloring your beard. Follow us at facebook.com/omearacast or @OMearaCast. You can subscribe to the show on ITunes, Stitcher, or download from mikeomearashow.com. Thanks for listening.

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