• 7/14/14

    OMC #91 – In Short


    Marcus Certa goes solo and runs a short show talking about this week in MORE Broadcasting. Only 2 shows have new episodes, Cake & Cookies: The Robb & Katie Show and The Rob & Joe Show. Robbie from The Rob & Joe Show is a drama queen. Rob loses his mind over a movie made in 1988. Rob Maher gets his play reviewed which reveals something about his sex life. Katie also reveals something about her sex life and Robb Spewak has a suggestion after he fawns over wife. We find out what Cake & Cookies is all about so Katie takes over and talks about her business trip with her coworker/husband. Follow the show at facebook.com or @OMearacast on Twitter. Subscribe to the show to hear more about the world of MORE Broadcasting and meet fans of the shows. Thanks for listening.

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