• 3/10/14

    #76 – Happy Birthday Robb


    Marcus Certa, Steve Mermelstein, and Tony Lam talk about The Mike O’Meara Show and the other shows of MORE Broadcasting. Hear a voicemail from Robb SPewak and Steve Bridges of KCJJ. There is a roundtable discussion on radio today and where it is going with the introduction of new devices like Apple Car Play. There is fun rating the hosts of Rob & Joe Show and It’s Mickey, but we change it up based on a clip to, “Who we would invite to our party?” Catch clips relating to illness, bathroom collectibles, and much more. This show is hosted by fans of MORE Broadcasting so you can meet others who love The Mike O’Meara Show, Rob & Joe Show, It’s Mickey, Cake & Cookies: The Robb & Katie Show, and Tech 411 Show. You can be a part of the show and conversation at facebook.com/omearacast or @OMearaCast on Twitter.

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