• 2/19/14

    #1,000: #TMOS1000

    Today… some poetry. Plus: as we observer episode 1000, we look back at each of our top 10 favorite moments in show history. Reminder: submit your questions for us to answer to questions@mikeomearashow.com

    Today’s show is brought to you by Sleep Number. Isn’t it about time you gave yourself a good nights rest?

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    5 Comments on #1,000: #TMOS1000

    1. Jeff C says:

      Here’s to another 10,000! Cheers and thanks for the memories!

    2. Bryan says:

      Congrats guys!! heres to another 1000 shows. To the guys that get me through my day essadeee!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. David Parker says:

      Congratulations!!! Thank you for a thousand(+) hours of entertainment. I listen to several podcasts, but you are always first because you’re the best. I’m looking forward to the next thousand. 1000! I’ll be looking for the fireworks over old town tonight.

    4. Fred from Rappahannock says:

      Congratulations Mike, Robb, Oscar. Thank you for a thousand perfect shows and for the many thousand yet to come.

    5. Rob Burnham says:

      “I was not drinking this morning.” Well, not THIS morning anyway.

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