• 1/27/14

    Red Flag


    Joe’s gotten bad about effectively promoting his shows. One listener gets very creative reviewing the show. Our ‘entertainment correspondent’ completely misunderstands a Facebook post from Joe. The Robinson brothers get into a contentious dialogue regarding a missed guest-booking opportunity. Joe opens for a well-know actor/comedian and is amazed by both the man’s act and the audience response. Robby reveals details of his first date since the recent breakup and is subjected to the usual ridicule. Rob is fascinated by the story of a woman in the UK who gets dumped by the husband she saved with one of her kidneys. Rob and Joe lay the groundwork for another contest between the two of them. Rob offends one audience member while another actually offends him.  Rob is happy to discover that he no longer holds the biggest-drunk-comic-in-the-area title.

     Aired Live Monday, January 27th at 7:30PM

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