• 3/1/13

    Bonus Show #123: March 1, 2013

    Hour 123 starts off with our Florida car pool lottery and then Mike kicks back and lets the rest of the crew take over. We cover topics from our “firsts” to bodily functions, to those we admire. This is a goofy one, folks!

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    Listener Comments
    5 Comments on Bonus Show #123: March 1, 2013

    1. Pepperjack says:

      Where’s the free show? I’m a cheap ass.

    2. chris says:

      The new bonus show, the part about female ejaculation, well, my gf does it and it is not urine at all. She squirts gallons and theory is that it helps neutralize the vagina ph for sperm to have a better chance of fertilizing the woman.

    3. John says:

      Hi – is there no video for bonus show 123? There is no March video player on the member home page, and the link just goes to a how dare you page.

    4. Drew "MEAT SWEATS" Hamilton says:

      until recently i had been listening to you guys on the drive to and from work. I now listen to you while i make myself exercise!! I have been keeping tabs on the shows weight loss and finally decided to join weight not…I am currently a pleasantly plump 440 pounds…. find a scale that can show that number! i had to go to the doctors to find one. i will miss the staff at my local Chinese buffet and massage parlor but its time i see other people, including my little member….. its been a long time, sometimes i wonder if it is cheating on me with my wife!! i feel so far from the coitus action now i could eat Cheetos and not even notice my wife and it were down there without me! love you guys like a fat kid loves cake! sincerely, Butterballs up in Aspen CO.

    5. Rob Burnham says:

      If ever there was a shining example of why people should buy the bonus shows, it’s this episode. Brutal honesty, Mike yelling, sex talk and plenty of laughs, this is the best two dollars I have ever spent.

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