• 3/5/13

    769: Ken Burns ..tien


    Tuesday in FLA.. with your D.C. weather! Plus Oscar’s world (WoW), medical miracles and farting “Journalists”.

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    4 Comments on 769: Ken Burns ..tien

    1. Aje43 says:

      BarBie, “in case I get raped”, PAPA, the breathing machine. <<this episode just validated the DVD. cant wait. i am vicariously getting a march vacation. thanks guys.

    2. Bobby Flayton says:

      I love you all, except Buzz.
      I respect Buzz.

    3. Laura says:

      MIKE…your going to miss our only big snow storm of the year. You know it’s real when Topper Shutt breaks out the “bread-o-meter”. Just to keep you informed it’s an 8 on the bread-o-meter scale. Have fun soaking up the sun and think of us digging out and sitting in barely moving traffic. UGH

    4. JB says:

      I remember going to see the Winter Park sinkhole as a youngster. We made annual trips to Orlando to visit family and one year we made a trip to see the nationally publicized hole in the ground. It really was breathtaking, in a morbid way.

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