• 3/4/13

    768: Nevermind

    Our series of “Sun & Fun” spring break webisodes kicks off with dying Robb, Hygenic RJ, Solitary Santana, Disappointed Mike… and we do it all from the cottage. SURF’S UP DUDE!

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    3 Comments on 768: Nevermind

    1. twizzlestick says:

      Love me some Oscar on vacation! A completely different vibe when he hasn’t been humping Mangrates all morning.

    2. Albuquerque Tony Kornheiser says:

      So, my favorite time to listen to TMOS is while cooking and eating dinner. But tonight . . .RJ filing his farking callouses? Eeeewwwww.

    3. John says:

      Listening to the podcast whilst driving into work this AM and eating my mobile breakfast. Same reaction. Put me off my feed.

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