• 1/16/13

    736: Zero Dark Buzzy

    Wednesday fun for y’all with airline news, Mike at the movies, Buzz vs. the druggist and the anger of Robb.

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    4 Comments on 736: Zero Dark Buzzy

    1. Kappy Pfeiffer says:

      LOVED LOVED LOVED this episode!

    2. bigbrew4u says:

      The “special” masheen at the pharmacy counter is to capture your signature to satisfy the pharmacists’ legal requirement to counsel patients.

    3. Fred from Rappahannock says:

      Mike, I know the theater you are talking about; the last time I went to a movie there was back in 1990 and it was a rat trap then.

    4. Bobby Flayton says:

      Just finished my 14 hour sleep thanks the White Noise.
      I am a bit behind, but you know the routine.
      Pants around my ankles, plenty of toliet paper, great speakers and visions of Oscar dancing around in his undies. Here is hoping for a great show that i am listening to wednesday. ps- Just spend $130 at amazon. I had my choice Adam Corolla or TMOS. It was tough, i am so sick of Robb, but i went with TMOS. love as always. me

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