• 1/9/13

    732: Dear Leader

    Today has the mailbag, vultures, haircuts and the queen that cares too much. Thank you, folks!

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    28 Comments on 732: Dear Leader

    1. Wes in ABQ says:

      I can only assume that’s Oscar, and the lone difference between him and Dear Leader in that profile is the Dear Leader has better hair (or did, anyway, until he went teats-up last year). But Oscar would probably bring a hotter brand of chick to North Korea.


    2. Vasya says:

      “Oops” in Korean is “joesonghabnida!”

    3. Pete from Kanada says:

      la La LA

    4. The RealRB says:

      Op’n Gangnam Style….oop oop oop

    5. bigbrew4u says:

      So ronery…

    6. Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin says:


      You HAVE heard the Hendrix song before. A version of it appears on the posthumous release Crash Landing.


    7. COLEMAN says:

      Some of the most effective business cards include a FREE offer, a call-to-action, and undeniably clear benefits for the recipient.

      : )

    8. John says:

      Haha, Oscar’s balding.

      • The Observer says:

        If you listened to the show, obviously Oscar isn’t balding, he just has a tall forehead. And it’s getting taller and taller. Soon, they’ll have Oscar stand next to the Washington Monument and climb his forehead to repair the earthquake damage to save on scaffolding rentals.

    9. The Observer says:

      Also, Marc, how misconfigured is your website when the comment timestamp is off by an hour? UTC−04:00 is the correct time zone for Boliva and Puerto Rico, so maybe that is the source of the problem?

    10. Jason says:

      Finally…The Rock has come back to Man…ass…ass!

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