• 12/21/12

    724: Cheeseburger

    Santa makes one more stop before the holidays…plus a sonogram tale, Facebookery and we put a listener in Jeopardy. Gary Krimble folks! Thanks for a great year!

    Today’s show is brought to you by the Mangrate!

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    7 Comments on 724: Cheeseburger

    1. Joyce Barker says:

      I would love to hear Arnold say “Black Peter” instead of the Devil…. Because I bet he can’t!

    2. steve miller says:

      Mike the show works best when it’s an open book. Do you think Nostradamus Elston could have picked you guys winning lottery numbers?
      Merry Christmas to everyone at TMOS- God Bless us Everyone, and can’t wait to hear more in 2013!

    3. Albuquerque Tony Kornheiser says:

      “Safe home Mike Wise!”

      Heeee heeeee

    4. Bobby Flayton says:

      Just a quick thanks even though none of you read these posts, except for Mad Dog Marc who posts them: Thanks for all the pre-christmas shows. WOW.
      even a bonus show. You might get my $2. You could have taken off the whole week and said “F-You” but you did not. Well actually OSCAR did, not much talking from him this week. Get better Oscar and get some Beer in you. Thanks for working through the end of the week, giving us a bonus show and recording shows too.
      You go the extra kilometer. I love you all even the OVER REACTING buzzy. love, me

    5. Tom says:

      Have not listened to this episode yet (about two weeks behind). Is this the last episode of the year with them returning 1/2?

      • Beluga's Taint says:

        It’s nice of Marc to post your comment without responding. Here’s the short version: Monday, Robb’s christmas song thing. I’m sure it’s boss or something. Wednesday, hour 2 of the holiday party/show from a few weeks back, Friday, hour 3 of the party. So Robb puts some audio coal in your ear stocking on Christmas eve, but after you wake up from your christmas night hangover, you can unwrap some quality entertainment the rest of the week.

      • Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin says:

        I’ll let you know in a couple of weeks.

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