• 12/20/12

    723: Fat Hair

    Sonogram Thursday with Mr. Cassidy, your letters, the magic of legislation, hair…and a surprise guest. Ho Ho Ho!

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    6 Comments on 723: Fat Hair

    1. Reading Rainboooow says:

      Whew…..thought that was Oscar for a second.

    2. COLEMAN says:

      Does real Charly ever burst-in the studio lit on Shrooms and talk non-stop for half the show? : D What a Diplomatic solution you have conceived of, MR. SANTANA! Thank you.

    3. chucklube says:

      So Jack Cassidy is (AFAIK) still dead, but even tho he is a disembodied spirit, he still has to bang on the door to get in?
      In a related story, Jefferson Airplane/Hot Tuna bassist Jack Casady is still very much alive.

    4. Bobby Flayton says:

      Erica HIll is Hot, but is she a black?
      I dont know the color?
      The race?
      Any help.
      Great make up foundation.
      Cake it on.
      I like Anne Curry.
      Those legs. yummy.

    5. Hogmeister says:

      Just a point of clarification for Oscar; Senators McCain and Feinstein are objecting to the suggestion in Zero Dark Thirty that “enhanced interrogation” produced information that led to OBL’s capture, not that it occurred. The fact that KSM was water boarded repeatedly is not in dispute, only whether or not it proved productive.

      McCain, a victim of five years of torture by the North Vietnamese, has been an outspoken critic of these means of interrogation.

      Also, ESADEE!!

    6. Albuquerque Tony Kornheiser says:

      I remember Josh Speigal from the Baltimore Big O and Dukes show. That brings back memories.

      Hey Oscar, did Ed Norris run you guys out of town or what? That whole thing was weird. Remember when they tried out different shows? Bill Rolen lost to you guys and now he’s on JFK. WTF is wrong with radio? Oh well, at least they fired Mike Wise.

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