• 12/12/12

    717: Old Bag

    Jack Cassidy for your Wednesday, plus a call to Carla, Clara Peller and…who hates Santa?

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    7 Comments on 717: Old Bag

    1. Molly says:

      Mike- Your show is THE BEST stress reliever of ALL TIME-kudos to you & the gang at TMOS!! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!

    2. Joey says:

      I dig the ‘X Days Left for Christmas Shopping’ bit, but Robb singing along just kills it. No one can take something funny and make it… you know… NOT, the way he can.

    3. Todd Krickler says:

      Was the Jack Cassidy open done to observe the anniversary of his death? Whatever the reason, always a welcome impression!

    4. COLEMAN says:

      I hope you guys all dress in full-bore Santa outfits. Maybe add some antlers and snowman carrot noses. : B It’d make a great cover for your Holiday album on Amazon! Starvin’ for some Twbnkbes. : D They’d make some nice miniature donkeys named Doodle. : D

    5. Jeff C says:

      Somebody wasn’t listening.

    6. Zooky says:

      the man… the legend… JACK CASSIDY!!

    7. pdxhere says:

      I don’t understand the term ‘reverse-racism’, racism is racism why the color on making it reverse?

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