• 12/5/12

    712: Pretend-gineer

    Wednesday with a Psy of relief, a word of congrats deejay sloppiness and the Sox get some vowels.

    Today’s show is brought to you by The Mangrate.

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    9 Comments on 712: Pretend-gineer

    1. Elvis's Impacted Colon says:

      Wazzleberry dwessing!

    2. bigbrew4u says:

      Ustream is teh suck.

    3. Ganglionic Fold says:

      Robb’s red dress costume change, in Reno, was expertly done, but a little over the top I think.

    4. Luke Dhuyvetter says:

      Just got done ordering the Mangrate. I can’t wait for my brother to open it on Christmas morning. He’s a huge griller but has a mediocre grill. Adding the Mangrate will make it top-notch.

    5. Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin says:

      “and you want to get your leather thing” Mike, you are so cute!

      IT’S CALLED A CUT! Learn to listen, listen to learn. Perhaps The Laffing Devils is more your speed. That’s how I picture Mike’s Bikes.

      BTW something, if you have a Nomad rocker, you get around that whole territory problem because it says you’re not claiming a territory. Remember the three Nomads on the show? (brown liquor) One of them was played by Chuck Zito, who was president of the Hell’s Angels Nomads chapter in New York City years ago.

      Did you realize that the two dogs were playing, not fighting? I did.

    6. Fred from Rappahannock says:

      The Mr. Magoo version of A Christmas Carol rocks; first saw it when I was a kid and still think it’s one of the best.

    7. JP says:

      Tell Oscar the 3 piece patch means it’s an outlaw MC. 1 and 2 piece patches are social clubs.

    8. Terry Brewer says:

      Wow, thanks TMOS. I thought I was the only one who loved the Mister Magoo Christmas special.

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