• 11/28/12

    707: This is not EVEN Entertaining

    Today is Wednesday. Mike is mad at Apple, Oscar and migraines…we have Powerball fever and Oscar lacks control (in more ways than one). Big fun! (Also available for your viewing pleasure on YouTube)

    Today’s show is brought to you by: The Mangrate

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    3 Comments on 707: This is not EVEN Entertaining

    1. Gray Maynard says:

      OMG THANK YOU MIKE for that Big O and Dukes not entertaining comment. I don’t blame Oscar though…The boring content is brought by one Bradley Fukerton. Either way keep up the good work fellas by not talking about your friends for 60 mins!!

    2. matt says:

      I noticed Robb’s picture sometimes blurred to the point where you couldn’t see him.

      Could you make that a permanent feature please?


    3. Matt Dent says:

      If you try and work the clutch
      And you feel a little gush

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