• 11/26/12

    705: Paul Bearer

    Monday mourning Hagman, Mike is the movie guy, Robb’s addiction to stupidity and a sort of a major announcement.

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    15 Comments on 705: Paul Bearer

    1. Hampton says:


    2. Dan says:

      You’re my hero Mr. O’Meara! :)

    3. Jeff C says:

      Congrats Mike!!! Best wishes to you and Carla.

      Robb’s pall-bearer comment caused me to lose it!

    4. Bobby Flayton says:

      Cant wait to see Oscar again on the ole Ustream.
      I was touching myself all weekend long with just visions of him in my head.
      Now I can a live feed. Hey ohhhhhhh.

    5. Brian says:

      Congrats Mike and Carla. It’s a Mitzvah!

    6. Laura says:

      Congrats Mike! Exciting news that the swimmers still work! There is hope for my husband yet…

    7. Kevin says:

      Congrats to Carla and Mike.Don’t worry Mike.Carla is young and pretty enough that when you go,she won’t have a problem finding a new hubby and father for your youngest progeny.

    8. Fred from Rappahannock says:

      Congratulations Mike! All good luck and best wishes to you and Carla. You’ll need them.

    9. caeias says:

      Mike should stop comparing himself to Larry King, he’s more like Clint Eastwood and his wife. If Eastwood can do it, so can Mike. :)

    10. Dave says:

      Way to go Mike. BTW – Scott, the producer on 98 Rock also announced his pending fatherhood, more baby DJ’s on the way.

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