• 11/13/12

    698: Pump & Dump

    Tuesday…and we’re back from Reno with a major announcement (big!), plus Fiscal Cliff, Mike makes captain and a love letter to Dulles.

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    4 Comments on 698: Pump & Dump

    1. Mikey OB says:

      Congrats guys on the radio gig on WTNT 102.9fm 7-9

    2. casey says:

      The PODCAST on the RADIO!? I’m down. HOWEVER, if there’s more Politics or even more religion, Moses O’Meara, I’m out. I’m f’n out. A listener since ’08 is hoping, PRAYING, no more religion very little politics. ENTERTAINMENT. Love you guys, still payin’

    3. Circus Seal says:

      Robb, you are…. the parrot.

    4. Fred from Rappahannock says:

      Congratulations all around, come January 14th, terrestrial radio will suck less, at least for two hours.

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